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EarthSave's Meals For Health -- Week One!

04/18/11: Meals for Health -- a 30-day intervention program where low-income people are taught to eat a healthy 100% plant-based diet -- has just finished its first week!

Participants from Sacramento Food Bank & Family Services have gone plant-strong onto a starch-based diet. And we have BIG success stories after only one week!

Many participants are experiencing tremendous results already, from weight loss to getting off blood pressure or diabetes meds, increased energy, loss of pain, increased mental alertness, improved moods -- and more.

While we're gratified by these results, we're not surprised! They are typical when people adopt this healthy, plant-based lifestyle.

Click below to watch an uplifting excerpt from a video interview with one of the participants who has been receiving Meals For Health education from our plant-based experts. This is Ollie, a powerful and inspiring woman. We really liked her, and you will, too:

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