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EarthSave promotes a shift toward a healthy plant-based diet.
Vol 20 No. 2
June 2009

EarthSave Cincinnati, Ohio On The Move

By John Mooter

EarthSave Cincinnati is happy to report many exciting events happening in our city. Nicknamed “Porkopolis,” Cincinnati is changing each day, becoming a greener, more vegan-friendly city. Recently, our chapter sent a letter to President Obama presenting our suggestions for a greener, more compassionate country. Our last potluck featured Braden Trauth, speaking on “permaculture”. In the past, we have had Dr. Will Tuttle, author of The World Peace Diet, vegan raw foodist Paul Nissan, animal rights activist Michael Budkie (Stop Animal Exploitation Now), theologian Dr. Elizabeth Farians, (who teaches a class on Christian theology and animals at Xavier University), animal activist Joan Weisenbeck, Vegan Macrobiotic speaker Charley Kabenji, Non-Violent Communication teacher and vegan Jeff Brown, and many other great speakers.

Thanks to Dr. Farians, Xavier University has an animal rights club headed by EarthSave member Jacki Sprinkle. Dr. Farians also heads APE (animals, people, planet), a local animal rights group promoting a vegan lifestyle.

EarthSave member Bill Messer was instrumental in convincing our City Council to add a diet element to our Climate Protection Task Team, which is promoting meat reduction in our city. Bill’s efforts have led to several projects: encouraging restaurants to add a healthy vegan entree, having vegan options at “Taste of Cincinnati”, promoting local urban gardens, and much more.

EarthSave member Randall Ball has been active in promoting vegan teachings in the local Unity Temple, in accord with its founder, Charles Fillmore’s vegetarianism. He is also bringing George Malkmus, who promotes a mostly raw vegan diet, to our city. EarthSave members Randall Ball, Mark Straud and Tracy Durso are involved in the “Green Team” at Unity Temple, promoting veganism and responsible consumption.

We are happy to report that a new vegan restaurant, “The Loving Café,” has opened, thanks to our local chapter of “Supreme Master Ching Hai” meditation group. The restaurant opened on St. Patrick’s day, in honor of a Green Cincinnati, and had its grand opening the following Saturday with great food and music by the local Cajun- New Orleans Jazz band, “Lagniappe”. Larry Falcon, chairman of the Climate Protection Task Team, cut the ribbon.

Local EarthSave member, artist and honorary chair Mary Ann Lederer has been behind all of our activities, and has been crucial in every event we have had over many years. She recently was featured in the Cincinnati Enquirer for her portrait of the First family in a vegetable garden. The portrait is being sent to President Obama.

We are also happy to have a vegan store, “Park and Vine,” which sells many great items that are cruelty free. Dam Korman is the owner of our first green general store. Great activities occur there, more recently, vegan cooking classes from EarthSave member Adrienne Cooper.

Gratitude in Motion, a local vegan yoga studio, recently sponsored a yoga event with vegan activist and yogi Sharon Gannon. It was attended by 105 people. Mark Straud and yogi Anna Fergusen were instrumental in this effort, as well as singer-vegan activist Amy Fergusen, who performed for us. Mark Straud is also coordinating a vegan yoga conference in October with vegan yogis, including Kali Rae, Will Tuttle, Doug Swenson, Gabriel Cousins and others.

We are thankful to Claudia Mooter for her marvelous healthy vegan dishes at many of our events, and vegan advocate Mary Jane Newborn for composting and recycling at all of our events, helping us walk the walk. May all beings be happy and free from suffering.

John Mooter is Chairman of EarthSave Cincinnati, and is a music teacher and local musician.