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Vol 20 No. 2
June 2009

America’s Garden
Longtime EarthSave Volunteer, Cincinnati Artist Mary Ann Lederer, Sends Painting to First Family

Well-known Cincinnati artist, political, social and environmental activist Mary Ann Lederer has painted a vision for transforming America into a healthier, stronger, ‘back-to-the-earth’ land with a vegetable garden in every yard. “America’s Garden” depicts the First Family on a White House lawn that is transformed to an idyllic community vegetable garden.

Lederer is shipping a print of the painting to President Barack Obama today, three days after Michelle Obama broke ground on the first White House vegetable garden since Eleanor Roosevelt’s. A brief cover note reads:

“Dear President Obama, I hope you and your family enjoy my latest painting, ‘America’s Garden.’ I have subtitled it ‘Transforming America – a vegetable garden in every yard,’ to capture my dream that your White House garden will inspire a healthier, stronger America, as more and more gardens appear throughout the land. I started it the day after the election and completed it on Inauguration Day, to me the most inspiring period in American history.”

Lederer is enclosing a large matted photograph of the painting, with an offer to send the original 8 x 24 acrylics-on-canvas painting, if the First Family likes the piece. Her note concludes “I thank you for becoming our president. May you, your family, our country, this earth be blessed” and a hand-written thanks to the first lady.

Mary Ann Lederer began painting as a hobby after an injury in 1976 left her a paraplegic. Since then her work has been exhibited in many local galleries, restaurants, coffee houses, colleges. “I paint the world I’d love to live in, a multi-ethnic world of freedom, equality and healthfulness, where air is clean and water pure, where plants are wild or organically grown, where animals are free - a sustainable natural world.” Calling herself a “philosopher-painter,” Lederer paints her commitment to the compassionate treatment of animals, people and the earth. A native Cincinnatian, Lederer graduated from the University of Cincinnati, with a bachelor’s degree in social work and a master’s degree in community planning.