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Super 8 Foods

Eat to Beat Cancer

Over the last 20 years, a staggering body of scientific evidence has emerged showing that certain compounds in food can provide significant protection against heart disease, toxicity and cancer. What you eat can add many years to your life by dramatically reducing your prospects for developing any of the host of "modern" degenerative illnesses so common today.

A noted research toxicologist from the University of California has come up with the following food list to help you create your personal cancer-hindering diet--using a base of pasta, rice, rice and beans or vegetarian soup stocks. Studies have shown that each food group provides an exclusive form of cancer defense not duplicated by other foods, and the whole is greater than the sum of its parts.

Read R. Robert Hatherill's book Eat to Beat Cancer for much more information, but if you value your health, make the following foods part of your regular diet. More than any other steps you can take, eating a healthy diet will give crucial protection and prevention for you and your family. And although human studies are only now beginning, there is a substantial likelihood that dietary choices may be able to slow, arrest and even reverse many serious diseases, including cancer.

The Super Eight Food Groups: