Support Meals For Health

In 2013, EarthSave took our Meals For Health program into the Berkeley/Oakland area near San Francisco.

We brought Meals For Health into a church and showed families how to recover their health through a healthy, plant-based diet.

Jeff Novick MS RD headed the 30-day program, with Don Forrester MD as medical director.

Before the program began, each participant was given a copy of The Starch Solution, by John McDougall MD. Participants read The Starch Solution before the program began, to understand why they were adopting a plant-based diet.

You can watch this 8-minute video below and meet some of the participants, and hear how going plant-based changed their lives in just 30 days.

Then please take a moment to make a year-end donation to support Meals For Health in 2014, at the link below.

Please watch:

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