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December 2009
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August 2009
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June 2009
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It All Starts With Diet, Federal 'Guidelines' Are Too Fatty by T. COlin Campbell and Caldwell B. Esselstyn Jr. | Flow: WHo Owns The World's Water? By Jessica Mosby| What's Left When The Money's Gone? By Dan Ian Miller | Deciphering Nutrition Facts On Food Labels For Healthier Living By Laura Trice, MD | S.F. Filmmaker Honored For Wider Lens On Health By Victoria Colliver | Our Pigs, Our Food, Our Health by Nicolas D. Kristof | Obesity Can Be As Bad As Smoking by Thomas H. Maugh II | The Burger of Death? By Stu Schutzman | Can Dieting Make You Dumb? By Pavel Somov, PhD | A Silenced Drug Study Creates An Uproar By Shankart Vedantam| Diabetes of the Brain, Is Alzheimer's Disease Actually A Form of Diabetes? By Amanda Schaffer | EarthSave Cincinnati, Ohio On The Move By John Mooter| America's Garden, Longtime EarthSave Volunteer, Cincinnati Artist Mary Ann Lederer, Sends Painting to First Family | First Family To Plant White House Veggie Garden | Lack of VitaminD Linked To Teen Health Problems by Jamie Stengle | Petland Is Accused Of Scheme TO Sell Sick Puppies by Lisa Cornwell | Fat Firefighters And Rescue Workers Alarm Researchers by Roni Caryn Rabin | First US Count Finds 1 in 200 Kids Are Vegetarian by Mike Stobbe | Ask Jo: Allergies vs. Ethics by Jo Stepaniak, MSEd | Studies Cast Doubt On Prostate Cancer Screenings by Thomas H. Maugh II | Hamburgers Are The Hummers Of Food In Global Warming | Would-Be Soldiers Too Fat To Serve by John Hendren | Victory Garden Movement Showing Real Growth by Mary MacVean |
April 2009
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John Robbins: A Madoff Victim, An Open Letter and an Invitation to Help | Ocean Robbins: Continuing The Legacy By Jeff Nelson | My Favorite Raw Food Recipe Books of All Time By Gail Davis | Melamine: It's What's For Dinner? China's latest food safety scandals reveal prevalence of melamine in food supply By Gillian Wong | Toixc Rocket Fuel Chemical in Drinking Water Can Stay Says Government By Steve Watson | Prescription Drug Injuries and Deaths Reach Record Levels by Thomas H. Maugh II | The Cholesterol Inflammation Connection | Beyond Nature-Deficit Disorder By Gene Sager | Salt and High Blood Pressure: New Concerns Raised By Emily Sohn | Enhance Your Probability of Cancer Survival With Adequate Vitamin D By Neil Nedley, MD | Eating Right Can Save The Planet | Stilled Spooked By High-Fructose Corn Syrup By Tara Parker-Pope | The Green Smoothie By Klipp Stroden | Study: One-Third of World's Fish Catches Are Being Wasted As Animal Feed; 'It Defies Reason' | Patterns: Trying to Avoid a Cold? Go Back to Bed by Nicholas Bakalar | Ask Jo: Are Vegans Too Picky? by Jo Stepaniak, MSEd | Women Buying Health Policies Pay a Penalty by Robert Pear | A Rise in Kidney Stones Is Seen In U.S. Children by Laurie Tarkan | Red Meat Again Linked to Colorectal Cancer | WHO: Heart, Infectious Diseases, Cancer Kill Most | Obesity Blamed For Doubling Rate of Diabetes Cases | Study: Food Allergies On The Rise In Kids by Liz Szabo |
December, 2008
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World Is Facing A Natural Resources Crisis Worse Than Financial Crunch, Two planets needed by 2030 at this rate, warns report, Humans using 30% more resources than sustainable | Vaccines, Factory-farmed Animals, and the Politics of Autism; Toxic Soup By C. M. Killian | Obesity Epidemic Spreads to Toddlers, Parents Monitor Children’s Weight to Prevent Health Complications By Gigi Stone | Court Rules that Republicans Can Force Companies Not to Protect Citizens By Dave Johnson | Letters | Factory Farms Are Repeat Offenders By Martha Rosenberg | Bush Just Cleared the Way to Pollute Your Water | Scottish Smoking Ban Seen to Cut Heart Attacks By Gene Emery | Advertising Passed Off As Research Confuses the Public Again, Study Published in New England Journal of Medicine Expands the Indications for Statins—and the Public Suffers By John McDougall, MD | Eight Foods to Kick a Cold and Boost Your Immunity, Fight Colds with What You Eat By Radha Chitale | A Smart Diet Is Good for What Ails You By Sally Squires | The Overflowing American Dinner Plate By Bill Marsh | Obesity Continues to Rise in Most States, Rates Rise Despite Efforts to Curb America’s Growing Weight Problem By Dan Childs | Junk Food Leads to French Obesity, But many resist call for a tax on junk food to lose weight By Ben Barnier | Ask Jo: Sharing the Table with Meat Eaters by Jo Stepaniak, MSEd | Hearty Stuffed Acorn Squash | Pollution From Livestock Farming Affects Infant Health | Federal Program Aims To Get Students To Eat Fruits and Veggies, Fifth-graders in Santa Monica were eager to try different kinds of produce from a local farmers market. Participants call the program a success, and funding continues to expand. By Mary MacVean |
October, 2008
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Ocean “Dead Zones” Becoming Global Problem | Lack Of Veggies Can Lead Girls to a Life Of Obesity By Terri Coles | Do Low Cholesterol Levels Cause Cancer? By Joel Fuhrman, MD| Exercise Trumps Obesity Gene, U.S. Study Finds, Physical Activity Level, More Than Genetics, May Determine Healthy Weight By Julie Steenhuysen | California State Senate Passes Restaurant-calorie Bill | Carcinogen Worries Stick to Food Packaging Perfluorooctanoic acid is found in 98% of Americans’ blood. The chemical industry says there’s no reason to worry about PFOA. By David Lazarus | What’s Lurking in Your Countertop? By Kate Murphy | Going Veggie Can Slash Your Carbon Footprint: Study | Heavy People to Feel Lighter Wallets with Alabama Surcharge | Our President’s Personal Health Matters By John McDougall, MD | Trans Fats Linked To Pre-cancerous Colon Growths | Bayer On Defensive In Bee Deaths, German Authorities Look Into Allegation That RTP Maker’s Pesticide Harms Environment By Sabine Vollmer | Lawsuit Seeks EPA Pesticide Data, A New Pesticide, Clothianidin, Is Suspected In Collapse of Bee Colonies By Jane Kay | Ayurvedic Medicines Often Contaminated By Toxic Metals, Study Says Lead, mercury and arsenic were found in the traditionally Indian herbal mixtures at levels that would surpass California safety guidelines, says a researcher who is calling for FDA curbs. By Alan Zarembo | Avian Flu Found In Tyson Chickens, Tyson Slaughters 15,000 Hens After Outbreak | Food Garden Blooms On Skid Row Wall, Fruits, vegetables and herbs tended by formerly homeless residents cover urban gray By Cara Mia DiMassa | Ask Jo: Holiday Hosting by Jo Stepaniak | Riding on a Cloud of Coconut Nirvana ... Review by Gail Davis | Almost 90 Percent of Americans Will Be Overweight or Obese by 2030 | Eating Well is a Revolutionary Act | by Dr. Jonny Bowden A Farm Boy Reflects By Nicholas D. Kristof |
August, 2008
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From Lab to Lunch: Chemicals They Call Food by Brie Cadman | Sunshine May Be Nature's Disease by Thomas H. Maugh II | Reflections on the Weston A. Price Foundation by John Robbins| Old McDonald Had A Pharm. And genetically modified his goats and chickens to produce drugs for humans. But hold on. Should we be doing this to animals? by Elizabeth Svoboda | Saving the Planet, One Diaper at a Time by Alan Greene, MD | Prevention Less costly Than Treatment, Study Finds by Megan Greenwell| Dietary Addictions. Why Eating Healthfully Is So Difficult by Alan Goldhamer, DC and Jenniger Marano, DC| High-carbohydrate Foods, With Their 'Resistant Starches,' Are Back. by Susan Bowerman | Advertising Passed Off As Research Confuses the Public Again by John McDougall, MD | While the U.S. Spends Heavily on Health Care, a Study Faults the Quality by Reed Abelson | Study Questions "Fit But Fat" Theory | Do Obese People Aggravate Global Warming? by Dan Childs | Indians Find U.S. at Fault in Food Cost by Heather Timmons| Putting Meat Back In Its Place by Mark Bittman| Yet Another Reason Not to Eat Animals by Robyn Blumner|Do You Want to Live to Be 100? by Carolyn ANderson, MD| FDA Urged to Ban 8 FOod Dyes | Ask Jo: Is Coffee Vegan? by Jo Stepaniak | Europe Plans Free Fruit, Veggies For Scholl Kids | Eat Sh*t and Die: Contaminated Veggies Are the Meat Industry's Fault by Allison Kilkenny | "Thin Mint Blizzard" Merits a Badge of Shame for Girl Scouts of the USA and Dairy Queen, Says CSPI | Gates Foundation Live Animal Aid to Africa is Cruel and Stupid by Martha Rosenberg |
June, 2008
[ 24 pages, 2.3 M ]
Where Are They Now? Earle Harris by John Robbins; Sheila Hoffman; Susan Teton Campbell; Larry Kaplowitz; Stacey Vicari; Chris Balthasar; Cynthia Cowen; Todd Winant| We Are All Connected by Caryn Hartglass | SKINNY BITCH: A no-nonsense, toughlove guide for savvy girls who want to stop eating crap and start looking fabulous! Book Review by Marr Nealon| Letters to John Robbins | Survival Of The Fittest by Jeannine Stein | Bush Admin to Exempt Factory Farms from EMission Rules by Elizabeth Williamson| Why Eating a Big Mac is Cheaper than Eating a Salad by Craig Mackintosh| | Bill Clinton's Madness: A Consequence of Heart-Bypass Surgery Brain Damage by John McDougall, MD | Gentlemen, 5 Easy Steps to Living Long and Well by Nicholas Bakalar | Study Finds Human Medicines Altering Marine Biology by Kenneth R. Weiss | Starvation & Obesity: Two Sides of the Same High Fructose Corn Syrup Coin by Max Keiser | Obesity Threatens a Generation by Susan Levine and Rob Stein| Study: Big Belly Could Carry Bigger Dementia Risk | Solar Cooking--the Sustainable Cooking Solution by Lisa Rayner | Ask Jo: Baking Without Eggs by Jo Stepaniak | Sweet Cookie Bliss... by Gail Davis| 11 Percent of Teen Girls are Vegetarian by Babita Persaud | Superbug Infects People Eating Pork|Cancer Risk Higher With Western Diet|Prognosis: Large Social Networks May Help Surgical Patients by Nicholas Bakalar | Sewage-Based Fertilizer Safety Doubted by John Heilprin and Keving S. Vineys | For A Nebrasken, Going Vegetarian Means Going Against the Grain by Brad Dickson| EarthSave Mourns the Passing of Justis Raynier | Keep Your Eyes on those Leafy Greens by Karen Ravn | My FOrbidden Fruits (And Vegetables) by Jack Hedin |Foods That Defeat Diabetes by Marie Oser |Cooking Light Magazine Names Cities That Best Fit Its Philosophy | The Worst Foods in America by Tara Parker-Pope | Cats More Effective than Cholesterol Meds for Preventing Heart Disease Deaths by Jacob Teitelbaum, MD |There Are No Bad FOods by Jeff Nelson | Seven Eggs a Week -- And You're Dead |Exercise Your Brain, or Else You'll... Uh... by Katie Hafner | Factory Farming: Alarming Toll on Health and Economy by Rick Weiss | BOOK REVIEW - Farm Santuary: Changing Hearts and Minds about Animals and Food by Gene Baur reviewed by Jo Stepaniak | Vote Yes! for Humane Treatment of Animals | Introducing EarthSave TV - ESTV |
April, 2008
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Bigness Gone Berserk by Gene Sager | Hard to Swallow. The Gourmet's Ongoing Failure to Think in Moral Terms by B.R. Myers | Oh Lordie... Just When I Thought I Was Over Cheese... by Gail Davis| Letters to John Robbins | Farm Sanctuary: Changing Hearts and Minds about Animals and Food by Gene Baur | Salmon Collapse Could Force Fishing Restrictions by Eric Bailey| High Mercury Levels Are Found in Tuna Sushi by Marian Burros| Go Easy On Medicated Lotions, Creams, Gels by Leslie Goldman | For the Love of Grains by John McDougall, MD | Five Shocking Facts on Fats to Transform You from FLab to Fab by Leslie Van Romer | Scientists Debunk So-Called 'Fat Gene' by Janet Helm | Exercise Could Slow Aging Of Body, Study Suggests by Rob Stein | Cities Study Dearth of Healthy Food by Chris Kenning and Jessie Halladay| Rethinking the Meat-Guzzler by Mark Bittman| Ask Jo: Can't Take the Teasing by Jo Stepaniak | Drought is a Hard Time for Horses | Elephants Are Smarter Thank You Know by Henry Fountain|
February, 2008
[ 12 pages, 1.5 M ]
Water We Waiting For? by Vance Lehmkul | Eating Vegetarian Is Taking Global Warming Personally by Kathy Freston | Letters | Update from John Robbins | The Joy of Vegan Baking by Colleen Patrick-Goudreau, reviewed by Caryn Hartglass | Body Fat is Linked to Six Types of Cancer | New Report Fuels Confusion About Women, Fish | All-Star Foods That Fight For Health | Monthly Fasting May Protect Heart | Study Finds Smokers Have Higher Risk of Dementia | Eating Beans Helps Lower Cholesterol by Rosalie Marion Bliss | Low Vitamin D: One Sign of Sunlight Deficiency by John McDougall, MD | The High Cost of Playing Golf, Green Fees and Beyond by Gene Sager| Overweight Kids At Risk As Adults | Japan's Whaling Shame, Tradition Is No Justification For Further Imperiling Our Already Fragile Oceans by Peter Heller | Meat Raises Lung Cancer Risk, Too, Study Finds | Pig Disease in China Worries the World, Lack of data impedes research | Ask Jo: Meat, Dairy and Politics | Jewish Vegetarians of North America Produces Documentary to Promote Vegetarianism by Richard H. Schwartz | Kindness is the Key to Health and Happiness by Susan Smalley, Ph.D. | The Healing Power of Dogs | Heart Risks Detected by Age 7 in Overweight Kids | The Farmers' Market Effect |
December, 2007
[ 12 pages, 1.2 M ]
Vegetarianism in a Nutshell by Bruce Friedrich | Junkfood, TV Driving Kids to Obesity | Letters | Letters to John Robbins | Healthy living could save US $1 trillion, study finds by Lisa Girion | Book Review: The Courage to Survive by Dennis Kucinich, reviewed by Meryl Ann Butler and Gail Davis| Study Links Maternal Obesity to Birth Defects by Alison Williams| Some Risk Linked to Plastic Chemical | Everyone is Fiddling as California Burns by John McDougall, MD| If I COuld Be Your Doctor, I Would Love to Tell You How: To Keep Your Arteries Clean and Reverse Atherosclerosis | Sugar Finds Its Way Back to the School Cafeteria | Heart risks detected by age 7 in overweight kids | Should Drinks Like Gatorade Sport the 'Junk Food' Label? by Jane Black| Ask Jo: Limited by Locality?
October, 2007
[ 12 pages, 1.2 M ]
Some Food Additives Raise Hyperactivity, Study Finds by Elizabeth Rosenthal | Diet soda, metabolic syndrome linked | Letters | Iron Will: Calorie Restriction | Sweat Your Way to a Bigger Brain by Dean Ornish, MD | Suspect in Bee Die-off: Insecticide Widely Used Bug Spray May Be Behind Deaths of Millions of Bees by Amy Ellis Nutt | Car weight limits are big, fat problem | Study Fails to Show Benefits of Fruits and Veggies for Breast Cancer Patients, Women are Blamed, but the Investigators Were at Fault by John McDougall, MD | High Blood Pressure Growing Among Kids | Plastic Bags Are Killing Us | Ask Jo: Help! I Married A Carnivore | Flaxseed May Ease Hot Flashes | Bush Administration Doctors Environmental Science to Aid Meat Industry | Meat is Murder on the Environment | Study: Tuna on the decline |
July, 2007 * Double Issue
[ 24 pages, 6.1 M ]
TIME MAG: Skip the Steak, Save the Planet | The Collapse of Cardiology: A Time to Rejoice? (by Caldwell Esselstyn, Jr., M.D.) | Letters | Meet Dr. Esselstyn, Say Goodbye to your Cardiologist! | Future EarthSaver | India,Anyone? Adventure Traveling with Veg Voyages (by Caryn Hartglass) | British Enviro Agency: Go Veg to Save Planet (by Bruce Friedrich)| Rearing cattle produces more greenhouse gases than driving cars, UN report warns | Fat workers cost employers more | Alcohol, tobacco, worse than some drugs | Bacon and skinless chicken associated with bladder cancer | Another study says organic is better | Dairy products linked to Parkinsons disease | Milk linked to prostate cancer: New evidence | Red meat ups breast cancer risk | Mom's beef put son's sperm count at stake | Do Food Ads Make Kids Fat? (by George Raine) | Deadly Tainted Spinach Tied to Cattle Ranching | Create Your Own "Eco-Community" to Help Save "Green Space" (by Michael Blate) | Business Travel: The Veg*ns Survival Guide (by Jill Richardson) | Eat Veggies, Help World (by Michael F. Jacobson) | Busting the Vegan Counterfeiter | Another Reason to Duck Foie Gras | Milk Cancels Health Benefit Of Drinking Tea:Study | Ask Jo: Is "Humane Farming" Ok?/Am I Vegan for the Right Reasons?/Are Vegans Less Violent? | A Compassionate Revolution: The Myth of Humane Meat (by Hope Bohanec)| DVD: Vegetarian & Vegan Meals For Everyone Vegan Vittles: Second Helpings by Jo Stepaniak (reviewed by Dan Balogh) | Business With Compassion by Tom Gegax | Prevent and Reverse Heart Disease by Caldwell B. Esselstyn, Jr. M.D. (reviewed by Neal Pinckney, PhD) | The 80/10/10/Diet by Douglas Graham (reviewed by Laurie Masters and Lennie Mowris) Neal Barnard's Program for Reversing Diabetes Staying Healthy with Nutrition, The Complete Guide to Diet and Nutritional Medicine by Elson Haas, M.D. (reviewed by Caryn Hartglass) | Global warming:enough to make you sick Conservatives Always Choose Corporate Profits Over Peole's Lives. Warm Winters Upset Rhythms of Maple Sugar (by Pam Belluck) | Experts: Kids Avoid Weight Gain on Plant-Centered Diet Research from Canada: Vitamin D casts cancer prevention in new light PExercise helps whenever you start | Health by Veganism: A question of Responsibility (by Amy Lanou, Ph.D.) | Spock's advice on kid's diet stands up (by Suzanne Havala Hobbs) | Inspirations - letters to John Robbins | PHuman's Beef With Livestock:A Warmer Planet | Evil Business by John F. Nienstadt (reviewed by Caryn Hartglass) | Summer Recipe: Grilled Marinated Tofu (by Marie Oser) | We asked EarthSavers to share what they eat, so that others can see what "real world vegetarians" have for dinner. Here are some answers: | Western diet ups breast cancer risk among Chinese | Six Months of Veganism, 40 pounds of weight loss | Fattest Growing Fatest, Morbid Obesity Rate Accelerates
December, 2006
[ 12 pages, 1.0 M ]
Cows 'emissions' more damaging to planet than CO2 from cares | Who killed my electric car? (by Alexandra Paul) | Letters - Shirtless John; Sunscreen Myths? | WWF:Humanity using resources too fast | Life Span Gap Growing:Tobacco, alcohol and obesity key factors | No Body Needs Milk:10 reasons for avoiding dairy (by Alan Goldhamer, D.C.), Our appetite for food boosts consumption -- of gasoline | It might not be so cute afterall | Health Experts: Obesity Pandemic Looms | Study: Even a few extra pounds risky | Bush kills child anti-obesity program | Deadly Dietary Myths (by Joel Fuhrman, MD) | Nutritional facts & fiction | Do primitive peoples really live longer? | Legitimate concerns for vegans | More university students call for organic, 'sustainable' food | The green zone (by Jeff Tucker) | Male bass across region found to be bearing eggs | Vegetables are good for the brain | Study: More Americans too fat for X-rays, scans | Why the smile (by J. RObert Hager II) | Ask Jo: Fishy food-making facilities; Charity without cruelty; Following Vegan Idols | Soyatoo Whipped Soy Topping: Heaven in a Can (review by Gail Davis)| Rejoice! Vegan Marshmallows are Here Again! (review by Gail Davis)| High I. Q. link to being vegetarian |
September, 2006
[ 12 pages, 1.8 M ]
Do You Want to be Healthy at 100 | What People Are Saying About John Robbins New Book... | Letters - Mad People Disease | Mediterranean tuna on the brink of extinction | Pomegranite juice can slow prostate cancer | Glycemic Index - Not Ready for Prime Time (by John McDougall, MD) | Study links pesticides with Parkinson's | So Much for the Hunter/Gatherer Theory (by Neil Schoenherr)| Traditional cures get new protection | Gout is on the Rise (by John McDougall, MD)| Yao Ming Swears Off Shark's Fin Soup | Benefits From Vitamins Are Few| Pesticide damages brain function in songbirds, scientist warns | Healthy at 100 asks: Why do some people age in failing health and sadness while others grow old with vitality and joy? | Big Oil lobbyists stall bills in Legislature that industry opposes | USDA scales back mad-cow testing | USDA scales back mad-cow testing | It's never too late to start exercising -- Just getting off the couch can cut heart disease risk, study shows | Cranberries May Fight Cavities | Another Inconvenient Truth (by Dan Brook) | Ask Jo: Are Vegans Driven by Guilt?; Vegan Investing | Go Veg to Beat Skin Cancer (by Karen Collins R.D.) | Study: Vegan diets healthier for planet, people than meat diets | Report Says Sugary Drinks Pile on Pounds |
June, 2006
[ 12 pages, 1.3 M ]
U.S. ate 777 mad cows (so far) (by Jeff Nelson) | Meat Industrial Complex, How factory farms undercut public health | (by Mark Winne) | Letters - Raising Veg Kids | San Diego Sushi High in Mercury | How foul is fowl? (by John McDougall, MD) | Point of View (by Shel Silverstein) | Vegan-Organic Gardening (by Joy Katz, Gentle World) | Here come Big Brother and the Chicken Police (by Rabbi Yonassan Gershom) | Biofuel, climate and energy security, and over-population (by Glen Barry) | Study:Vegan diets healthier for planet, people than meat diets | Manic for organic | Obesity Finds Niche in American Marketing| House votes to dump state food safety laws | Study casts doubt on Glycemic Index | A link in the food chain | Vegan diet lowers odds of having twins | Vegan With a Vengeance: Over 150 Delicious, Cheap, Animal-Free Recipes That Rock (review by Dan Balogh) | Reverence For All Life by John Webster and Ty E. Webster (reviewed by Caryn Hartglass) | Hold Your Water! 68 Things You Need to Know to Keep Our Planet Blue by Wyland with Steve Creech (reviewed by Caryn Hartglass) | Beyond diet: Broadening the boundaries of compassion (by Jo Stepaniak) | Ask Jo: Strategies for Activism; Creating a cruelty-free life: A thank-you letter to Jo; Are Vegan Products Bad for the Environment? |
March, 2006
[ 12 pages, 1.6 M ]
The 10 most important actions to nsure optimum health (by Alan Goldhamer, D.C. & Douglas J. Lisle, Ph. D.)| Flawed studies on breast cancer and dietary fat | (by T. Colin Campbell, Ph.D.)Letters - Natural Hygiene; Thanks to John RObbins; Raw Food Resources High mercury levels found in Californians | Border's favorite breakfast cereal recipe (by John Borders) | Red meat cancer risk clue found | Broccoli chemical's cancer check | Latest health tips from Michael Greger, MD | "Low-fat" diet study:A clear case against moderation (by John McDougall, MD) | Ten reasons to ignore this new study | The food pyramid is more about politics than personal health (by T. Colin Campbell, Ph.D.) | So much for the hunter-gather theory (by Neil Schoenherr)| Hard to swallow (by Jonathon Porritt) | Bush administration moves to sell national forest land | Organic diets keep kids pesticide free | High school opens vegetarian lunch line | Study:Mid-life obesity a threat by itself | Delicious Vegan Meals in Minutes by Gloria Dmjevic (review by Caryn Hartglass)| Chicken: The Dangerous Transformation of AMerica's Favorite Food by Steve Striffler (review by Caryn Hartglass) | Green Clean:The Environmentally Sound Guide to Cleaning your Home by Linda Mason HUnter and Mikki Halpin (review by Caryn Hartglass) | Ask Jo: Instilling vegan values;Coffee:Is it vegan? | The Compassionate Life:Bringing Heaven Down to Earth (by Jo Stepaniak) | Factory farm lobbyists target activists (by Margaret Ford McMillen)| Agency fought to prevent retesting of infected cow | Industry-funded "scientists" who regularly advise the Bush Administration not permitted to advise WHO
December, 2005
[ 12 pages, 2.7 M ]
The Gluttony Pill -- Can Scientists Successfully Imitate Nature? (by John McDougall, MD) | Medical Journals Are an Extension of the Marketing Arm of Pharmaceutical Companies | (by Richard Smith)Letters - Food to Fuel?; Regaining My Health EarthSavers making a difference | Fish -- It's worse than you thought | Blueberries are one of nature's best foods (by Joel Fuhrman, MD) | Brightly colored fruit and veg may protect against arthritis | Hamburgers Cause Asthma | High-vegetable diet linked to protection against pancreatic cancer | Ornish Takes On Cancer | My All-Raw Odyssey (by Dean Keefe) | Fight Fire, FIght Cholesterol, Fight Fat | FDA:All US Food labels must list trans-fat by January 1st, 2006 | Keeping public land open for grazing cost $123 million a year | Bush Plan: Thousand of firms will stop reporting emissions | The Real Food Daily Cookbook:Really Fresh, Really Good, Really Vegetarian (review by Caryn Hartglass) | DVD Review - The Not The Cooking Show: The Magic of Raw Foods Cuisine by Paul Benhaim (review by Caryn Hartglass) | DVD Review: Change Your Food, Change Life (review by Caryn Hartglass)| Authors dig into meaty history of vegetarian - no bones about it | Ask Jo Stepaniak: Holiday Hosting; From Vegetarian to Vegan | Fatter Butts Require Longer Needles | Wal*Mart, the high cost of low price
Summer, 2005
[ 12 pages, 2.7 M ]
You Do What You Eat | Disease-Proof Your Child (Joel Fuhrman, MD)| Letter from the Chair (John Borders) | Letters (various) | Oceans Have a Fewer Kinds of Fish | Report Card: Pesticides in Produce | A New Global Warming Strategy: How Environmentalists are Over-Looking Vegetarianism As The Most Effective Tool Against Climate Change, How the China Study Changed My Life (by Kenton Brown) | Dr. Pinckney Saved My Life (by Gary Zielke)| More Evidence of Fatty Food Addiction (Reviewed by Gail Davis) | Administration Excised scientist's warnings in grazing report | Toxic Elements Found In Infant's Cord Blood | Hemp Is Good For You! (by Gail Davis)| DVD Review: Vegetarian Cooking With Compassionate Cooks(by Dan Balogh) | Buddha's Table: Thai Feasting Vegetarian Style | Ask Jo Stepaniak: She's Vegan, He's Not | Review: Vegan World Fusion Cuisine (Reviewed by Marie Oser) |
Spring, 2005
[ 12 pages, 1.8 M ]
The Health March | Letter from the Chair (John Borders) | Letters (various) | The Ultimate Bad Hair Day | Soy -- Food, Wonder Drug or Poison(John McDougall, M.D.) | The Long Emergency: What's Going to Happen as We Start Running Out of Cheap Gasto Guzzle? (by James Howard Kunster), The End of Cheap Oil: Is the Sky Really Falling?(by Gregory Rankin) | EarthSave Long Island Welcomes New Leadership | Bush Endangers One-Third of Last Pristine National Forests | Seven Best and Seven Worst Foods for Health (by Joel Fuhrman, M.D.)| Living on Borrowed Time | Low Sperm Count Blamed On Pesticides in U.S. Water, John Robbins Proven Right Again | Chili, broccoli Help Prevent Cancer, Studies Show | Senior Fitness: The Diet and Exercise Program For Maximum Health and Longevity by Ruth Heidrich, PhD. | Detroit Orders Up "Fast-Food" Tax | Happy Moments Protect Heart | Ask Jo Stepaniak: Singing to Stones; Shopping With a Conscience; Vegan Pie Crust; Can I Fix His Diet? | The Earth is Dying: World Ruination Is At Hand (by Dr. Glenn Barry) | A Thousand Words Is Worth A Picture (by Rex Bolby) |
Winter, 2005
[ 12 pages, 13.8 M ]
The China Study (reviewed by John Robbins) | National Cattlemen's Beef Association pays for sadistic anti-vegan"study" | Letter from the Chair (John Borders) | Letters (various) | Organic Foods Have Eleavated Levels of Antioxidants | Dr. Greger's Health Updates (Michael Greger, M.D.) | All Popular Diets are the Same -- Failures (John McDougall, M.D.) | For the Sake of the Children(by Rovert F. Kennedy, Jr.), Here comes the Nutcracker: Peak Oil in a Nutshell(Jay Lundberg) | A Taste of The China Study -- Dr. Campbell Explains His Book | Study Urges Water Conservation, Changes in Diet | Monsanto Assault on US Farmers Detailed in New Report | Group Warns on Resource Consumption | Ask Jo Stepaniak: Reasons For Eating Meat?; Should I Treat For Meat? |
Fall, 2004
[ 12 pages, 1.6 M ]
Movin' On Up! | US Gov't Panel: Eat More Whole Grains, Exercise More | Letter from the Chair (John Borders) | Letters (various) | Dr. Greger's Health Updates (Michael Greger, M.D.) | Tea Time Increases Lifetime (John McDougall, M.D.) | Book Reviews: "Plant Roots," "The Food Allegy Survival Guide," (Reviewed by Dan Balogh), "Move The Message" (Reviewed by Caryn Hartglass) | Brain Trust:The Hidden Connection Between Mad Cow Disease and Alzheimer's (Colm A. Kelleher PhD) | Sick People Take Medications, Healthy People Are Drug-Free (John McDougall MD) | Iraqi Farmers Didn't Celebrate World Food Day | Meateaters soak up the world's water | Food Giants pressure World Health Organization to downplay junk food hazards | While we're off fighting terror, the planet's crumbling(Professor Richard Steiner) | Ask Jo Stepaniak | Study: A soda a day is one-way ticket to obesity and diabetes | Environmentalists Losing War of Words says Berkeley Linguist
Summer, 2004
[ 12 pages, 15 M ]
Taking it to the peddlers of diabetes (John Stauber) | How do you cope? and Soy: What's the whole story? (John Robbins) | Letter from the Chair (John Borders) | Dr. Greger's health updates (Michael Greger, M.D.) | Guidelines Advise Blood Pressure Checks for Children | Atkins and risk | Reviews: Vice Cream (Reviewed by Caryn Hartglass), Vegan Marshmallows (by Gail Davis), Let's give them something to bark about (by Gail Davis),You don't want fries with that, Supersize Me -- A film by Morgan Spurlock | Lessons for vegetarians and vegans form the EPIC-Oxford study (Paul Appleby) | How does your garden grow | My Taste of Health Experience (Katherine McKensie) | Using the courts to push GMOs (Catherine McBride)| Victory for democracy -- but will Monsanto force its way back into Mendicino County | Genetically Engineered Foods may Pose National Health Risk (Jeffrey M. Smith) | 8,500 Gallons of Water for 1 Pound of Beef (Jeff Nelson) | Ask Jo Stepaniak | Scientists criticize political influence | This Little Piggy Went to the Global Market (
Spring, 2004
[ 12 pages, 1.4 M ]
Type-2 Diabetes (John McDougall, M.D.) | Tension at the table (Jo Stepaniak)| Is soy safe? (Brenda Davis, RD)| Letter from the Chair (John Borders) | Serious about saving the rainforest? Stop eating it | Is macular degeneration a dietary deficiency disease? (William Harris, M.D.) | Dr. Greger's health updates (Michael Greger, M.D.) | Book Reviews: "The Pig Who Sang to the Moon," "Hitler, goose stepper and goose eater," (Reviewed by Dan Balogh) | Best diet for health? (William Harris, MD) | Ask John Robbins (John Robbins) | EarthSaver Marin's Cancer Forum (Patti Breitman) | EarthSave Louisville puts Healthy Beginnings into action (Jennifer Rubenstein) | The Sweet and Lowdown on Sugar (Kelly D. Brownell and Marion Nestle) | Tough love for the obesity lobby (Jonathan Rowe & Gary Ruskin) | Veni, vidi, veggie... Roman gladiators were vegetarian | Widespread infection with leukemia virus from meat and milk(John Mcdougall, M.D.) | Restoring scientific intergrity in policymaking (Kelly D. Brownell and Marion Nestle)
Winter, 2004
[ 12 pages, 1.9 M ]
U.S. needs to do right thing to stop mad cow disease (John Stauber) | A Word from the Chair (John Borders) | Is this Cow Mad? (Jeffrey Masson) | Science News (Various) | Book Reviews: "The Ultimate Cheeze Cookbook," "Vegan Planet," "Incredibly Delicious" (Reviewed by Dan Balogh) | Macular Degeneration: Blind from the Western Diets (John McDougall MD) | Acne has nothing to do with diet? Wrong! (John McDougall MD) | The killer among us (Michael Greger MD) | Diet for a New America turns 15 (Jeff Nelson) | Millenium Restaurant -- 21st Century Dining (Sabrina Nelson) | Dr. Fuhrman on weighty matters (Joel Fuhrman MD)
Fall, 2003
[ 12 pages, 1.3 M ]
Empowering EarthSave | Letter from the Chair (John Borders) | Greed Over Science (Rep. Henry Waxman) | It's the Calories, Silly! (Jeff Nelson) | Book Reviews: "The Pleasure Trap" "The BrainGate" "Breaking the Food Seduction" "Seeds of Deception" | World Trade Organization Destroys Small Famers (Dave Georgis) | Yes, there is a free lunch! (Susan Hargreaves) | Making Sense of Fata and Oils (Brenda Davis, RD) | Ask John Robbins | Tasty Fundraising in Chicago (Marla Rose) | Widespread Misperceptions fuel War -- and Dietary Ignorance
Summer, 2003
[ 12 pages, 1.4 M ]
Dispelling the Cowboy Myth (Tim Lengerich) | Reversing Heart Disease through Lifestyle (Neil Pinckneyl, PhD) | SARS: Another Deadly Virus from the Meat Industry (Michael Greger, MD) | Junk Pushers Use Junk Science (Jeff Nelson) | Book Reviews: "Sunlight Cafe" "The Wild Vegetarian Cookbook" "Eat to Live" "Raising Vegetarian Children" "Welfare Ranching: The Subsidized Destruction of the American West" | Vegetarianism in the USA: A Rocky Road (Karen and Michael Iacobbo) | Fish is not Health Food (John McDougall MD) | Eating for Peace - the Art and Science of Mindful Consumption (Thich Nhat Hanh) | Humane Education Enters the Classroom | Fish is not Health Food (John McDougall MD) | Soon Everyone Will Be Taking Blood Pressure Pills (John McDougall MD) | Healthy School Lunch (Marie Oser) | Understanding the New Atkins Research (John McDougall MD) | Study Shows Healthy Eating Can Be Cheap (Karen Colins RD) | Understanding the new Atkins Research (John McDougall MD) | Pressure Cookers (Sabrina Nelson) | Quotes from the VegSource Conference | Project Garden: Planted and Growing
Summer, 2002
[ 24 pages, 776k ]
Being Human in This World (John Robbins) | New World Bank Position on Livestock (Colin Campbell, PhD) | About Lupus (John McDougall, MD) | EarthSave, Vegetarianism and Me (Don Robertson) | Book Review: "Food Politics" by Marion Nestle (Jeff Nelson) | How Our Food Choices Can Help Save the Environment (Steve Boyan, PhD) | Barefoot Summer Barbecue (Bryanna Clark Grogan) | The Milk Letter (Robert Kradjian, MD) | Humane Education Enters the Classroom
Spring, 2002
[ 24 pages, 942k ]
Diet and Diabetes: The Meat of the Matter (John McDougall, MD) | Test Cows Now! A New EarthSave Campaign | Satisfying Your Sweet Tooth (Bryanna Clark Grogan) | Sister Agnita Hill SCN (John D. Borders, Jr.) | Carl Lewis on Being Vegan (Carl Lewis) | The New Battle For Our Hearts (Frances Moore and Anna Lappe) | What is Genetically Modified Food? (Martha Herbert, MD) | Is There Slavery in Your Chocolate? (John Robbins) | Chapter Update: EarthSave NYC
Winter, 2002
[ 24 pages, 1.2 M ]
Michael Fitzpatrick's Compassion (John D. Borders, Jr.) | A Vegan Wedding Everyone Will Remember (Paige Newman) | Comfort Food (Michelle Larson-Sadler) | Commercialism in a Can (John F. Borowski) | Nutritional Foundations: A Basic Lesson (John McDougall, MD) | A Place Called Peace (Marcia Reddington-Lawton) | Terror, Love and the State of the World (John Robbins) | Book Review: "Saving Emily" by Nicholas Read (Debra Probert) | EarthSave Lost Angeles
Summer, 2001
[ 24 pages, 1.2 M ]
Chemicals 101: Selling Anti-Environmentalism to Kids (John F. Borowski) | The Pig Farmer (John Robbins) | Being Vegan (Nephyr Jacobsen) | In Cholesterol Lowering, Moderation Kills (Caldwell B. Esselstyn, MD) | An Ayurvedic Primer: Taking Time to Enjoy the Art of Eating Well (Leanne Backer) | Book Review: "The Food Revolution" by John Robbins (Larry K. Fried & Howard Lyman) | Book Review: "Vegetarian Soul Food" by Imar Hutchins (John D. Borders, Jr.) | Desserts to Die For (That Won't Kill You) | Protein Powders, Pills, and Poppycock! (Ruth E. Heidrich, PhD) | Ask Dr. Jules (Jules Oaklander, MD) | EarthSave Lost Angeles
Spring, 2001
[ 24 pages, 2.8 M ] LARGE FILE!
The New Healthy School Lunch Program (Caryn Hartglass) | Macrobiotic Awareness in the Kitchen (Gabriele F. Kushi, BFA, MEA) | Sounds Greek to Me! | Take Me Out to the Ball Game | MSDA Mad Cow Strategy: Don't Look, Don't Find (Jeffrey A. Nelson) | How Much Water to Make One Pound of Beef? (Jeffrey A. Nelson) | Becoming a Grandfather (John Robbins) | Book Review: "Judaism and Vegetarianism" by Richard Schwartz (Audrey E. Nickel) | Compassionate Living for Healing, Wholeness & Harmony (Joanne Stepaniak) | Ask Dr. Jules (Jules Oaklander, MD) | Jim Farris Getting Back to the Land | EarthSave Long Island: Branching Out to a Larger Community | Vegan Health Study (Jerry Cook)
Winter, 2001
[ 24 pages, 6.9 M ] VERY LARGE FILE!
Ask Dr. Jules (Jules Oaklander, MD) | A Real Friend in Congress | Let's Do Breakfast! (Michelle Larson-Sadler) | Raw vs. Cooked (William Harris, MD) | Our Brazilian Daughter (Jeff & Sabrina Nelson) | Mad Cow Mad World: An EarthSave Special Report (Howard Lyman) | Are We Tree-Huggers? Why We Care (Sabrina Nelson) | Heidi Howe: Viva Veggie Musica! (Audrey E. Nickel) | Book Review: "Becoming Vegan" by Brenda Davis, RD & Vesanto Melina, MS, RD | EarthSave Twin Cities | Ginny's Vegan Foods: Making Good Eating Easy | Juicing to Heal Yourself Naturally (Roopa Chari, MD)
Fall, 2000 - Volume 11, Number 4
[ 16 pages, 387k ]
The Doctor Made Me Do It (Stanley M. Sapon, PhD) | Happy Healthy Holidays (Michelle Larson-Sadler) | Return to Paradise (David Wolfe) | Cafe Ambrosia (Audrey E. Nickel) | Jay Dinshah's Gift (Michael Klaper, MD) | Ask Dr. Jules | Sharing and Learning at the EarthSave Summit | The First Thanksgiving (Rynn Berry)
Summer, 2000 - Volume 11, Number 3
[ 16 pages, 332k ]
Conquering the Birthday Party (Sabrina Nelson) | Growing Vegans: Birth through Adolescence (Brenda Davis & Vesanto Melina) | ES Member Profile: Chris Saporita | Product Profle: Allison's Cookies (Audrey E. Nickel) | What's the Matter With Kids These Days? The Family Cost of Conventional Agriculture (J. Robert Hatherill, PhD) | Honest Pretzels by Mollie Katzen (Audrey E. Nickel) | EarthSave's Inland Chapter Empire | Youth Outreach: Sowing the Seeds in San Diego
Spring, 2000 - Volume 11, Number 2
[ 16 pages, 213k ]
Organics: The Blurred Vision of ABC's 20/20 (J. Robert Hatherill, PhD) | 2,500 Gallons All Wet? (John Robbins) | Book Review: "The Saucy Vegetarian" by Joanne Stepaniak (Audrey E. Nickel) | Stopping Coronary Disease in its Tracks (Caldwell Esselstyn, MD) | Meet EarthSave Board Member Caryn Hartglass | Mobilizing a Generation for Positive Change: An Update on YES! (Ocean Robbins) | PCRM Sues Glickmand and Shalala | Commericial Agriculture: Facts & Figures (J. Robert Hatherill, PhD) | A New Chapter Grows in the City of Roses
Winter, 2000 - Volume 11, Number 1
[ 16 pages, 218k ]
Staying Out of the Zone: How to Stay Thin AND Healthy (John McDougall, MD) | Still More Bull! (T. Colin Campbell, PhD) | Seven Steps to Prevent Breast Cancer (Joseph Keon, PhD) | Genetically Altered Food: Myths and Reality (Rick Charnes) | A Decade of Service: Sheila "Mother EarthSave" Hoffman Retires | Taste of Health, Seattle 1999 | They Can Sow But They Can't Reap: The Demise of Human Sperm (John Robbins) | Chapter Update: EarthSave Baltimore | Where's the Bird?
Fall, 1999 - Volume 10, Number 3
[ 8 pages, 209k ]
Brutality Main Crop of Factory Farms? (Gene and Lorri Bauston) | Book Review: "Professional Vegetarian Cooking" by Ken Bergeron (John D. Borders, Jr.) | Spotlight on New Board Member: Willy Laurie | Chapter Profile: EarthSave Boston | A Few Words from EarthSave Founder John Robbins