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Food Safety: Factory Farm Alarm
Press release: March 1998

With headlines over the past year about E.coli outbreaks, historic beef recalls, salmonella, water pollution from farm animal waste, and "mad cow" disease many are calling for an examination of our modern day food machine. The North American diet, with its high demand for meat and dairy products, has prompted a revolution where "factory farms" replace the small family farm. EarthSave International, a non-profit educational group, is calling on North Americans to take a closer look at their food supply with EarthSave’s "Factory Farm Alarm" educational campaign.

Today’s factory farms are a long way from the romanticized picture of the family farm where fluffy chicks, sloppy hogs and contented cattle roam green pastures. Modern hogs, chickens, and cattle are raised on an enormous scale and slaughtered in assembly line style. Animals and feed resources are considered raw inputs in a production system with a goal of maximizing profits. The consequences can often be health risks to those eating animal products, poor worker conditions, and severe environmental pollution in areas surrounding these operations.

Consider these realities:

What you can do:

You can alter the demand for factory farms by changing your food choices. To learn about reducing the amount of animal products in your diet, contact EarthSave at for a free copy of the brochure "Making the Transition to Healthy Food Choices."