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artwork by Charles Lynn BraggImagine a world...where the land is fertile, the water is clean, the air is fresh, and all are fed. EarthSave helps make this world a reality by promoting the benefits of plant-based food choices for our health and our environment.

Join us and together we will create a healthy and life-sustaining world --

It’s undeniable that our world is facing a severe health and environmental crisis. Turning this around will take a concerted effort by millions of informed and caring people. That’s why EarthSave is asking for your help. We are determined to grow our membership, our programs, and our impact many times over in the coming five years, and we need your support.

By becoming an EarthSave member, you amplify your voice for change. Your support will help us to educate people everywhere about the power of our food choices to create healthy people and a healthy planet. EarthSave is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization, and membership and donations are tax-deductible. Join us today so we can realize a more healthful future tomorrow.

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A note from John Robbins:

Dear Friend,

Thank you for your interest in EarthSave.

In case you don't already know, I founded EarthSave International in 1989 in response to the outpouring of interest from readers of my first book Diet for a New America. EarthSave is an organization with excellent and greatly needed programs that actively help people of all ages to reclaim their medical independence, and to save our imperiled planet. I believe strongly that you will want to explore the work that we do and help support it.

In working to reclaim our health, I cannot overstate the importance of self care, that is, building health through wise lifestyle and food choices. This is where EarthSave comes in. By joining EarthSave and educating yourself with the tools we offer you learn how your food choices can help protect you and improve your quality of life, and you become part of healing the environment we and future generations ultimately depend upon for health.

Many of my readers have found participating in EarthSave's programs and becoming EarthSave members to be an enriching and nurturing experience. I hope you become involved with EarthSave, because we are so much stronger when we act together.

With great appreciation,
Founder, Board Chair Emeritus

Please consider joining or donating to EarthSave today. Membership Levels are as follows:

  • Student - $25
  • Senior (65 and older) - $25
  • Individual - $35
  • Senior Couple - $40
  • Family - $50
  • International - $50
  • Patron - $100
  • Sustainer - $500
  • Lifetime - $1000
  • Download, print and mail the membership form with your check

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