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Who founded EarthSave?

The EarthSave Foundation was founded in 1988 by celebrated author John Robbins. EarthSave was the direct result of the overwhelming reader response to the 1987 publication Diet for a New America. John continues to support the ongoing educational activities of the EarthSave Foundation as Chairman Emeritus of its Board of Directors. His latest bestseller is The NEW Good Life: Living Better Than Ever in an Age of Less. Visit John's site

What does EarthSave do?

EarthSave continues the educational work that Diet for a New America began. EarthSave educates, inspires and empowers people to shift toward a plant based diet centered on fruits, vegetables, grains and legumes - foods that are healthy for people and the planet.

How does EarthSave receive funding?

Funding is received through memberships, contributions from foundations, corporations and private individuals.

Do I need to eat a vegetarian diet to join?

Definitely not. We prefer to talk about eating a more plant-based diet and not to label anyone "a vegetarian." We provide education, support and encouragement to move TOWARD a plant-based diet.

EarthSave understands and respects that individuals make daily food choices due to a number of factors. These factors include habit, social and cultural expectations, convenience, choices prepared in the home or school, mass advertising, peer pressure, and family demands. EarthSave's mission is to provide factual information and education about nutrition, support, encouragement, and free programs for those interested in improving their health.

What kind of educational materials do you have?

Our educational series includes pamphlets about eating for optimal nutrition, and making the transition to healthy food choices for families.

What are local EarthSave chapters?

Local EarthSave chapters take the organization's message to the local community. They support local people interested in changing their diets by providing educational materials, holding activities such as monthly potlucks, video showings and special events.